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The Phoenix Self Help Life Plan is provided free of charge and as a public service to all.

The author does not have the financial means to widely advertise this web site or the Phoenix Plan details.

If the Plan proves beneficial to your needs, please tell someone else about it.
Any support of this nature which you can provide for the Plan would be deeply appreciated.
No pressure will ever be placed on you to buy an item or make a subscription when you visit any of the sites set up by Personal Transformations 2014.
The Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan is the author’s not-for-profit attempt to help individuals who are battling with the complexities of their lifestyles.
You can work through the Phoenix Plan without ever spending a cent or being required to provide your email or other personal details.





[Main site for working through the Phoenix Self Help Life Plan - instructions are detailed providing step-by-step assistance]


[More about the Phoenix Plan]



[ a brief and summary introduction to the Phoenix Self Help Life Plan]



[100 totally  free personal growth ebooks for download - no email/registration required]



[How to life coach yourself for free using the Phoenix Self Help Plan]



[a basic guide to dealing with stress with links to free ebook and meditation resources]



[taking back control of your own life]



[some info about the Phoenix Plan author and free ebooks]



[mixture of other free and some commercial resources - for information only]



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